I’m interested in stories that take on the complexity of human character and behaviour in ways that are compassionate, wise and ultimately hopeful. That’s why I read, that’s why I write.



Maryrose Cuskelly is the author of Wedderburn: A true tale of blood and dust (Allen & Unwin 2018)Original Skin: An exploration of the remarkable human hide (Scribe 2010) and The End of Charity: Time for social enterprise (Allen & Unwin 2008), which she wrote with Nic Frances, and was the winner of the Iremonger Award. Her essays and articles have been published in a range of magazines, journals, and newspapers, including The AgeThe Australian and The Melbourne Magazine. In 2016 Maryrose won the Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Writing (non-fiction) for her essay 'Well Before Dark' about the abduction of Mackay schoolgirl Marilyn Wallman.